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Attractions and entertainments

La Mer de Sable, that's :

3 universes

never ending adventures

Explore this world where a whole host of adventures await you.
Step into the shoes of an explorer and discover the infinite desert.
Come and experience the Wild West with your cowboy and Indian friends.

21 attractions

pas le temps de s'ennuyer !



Le Babouing

Climb to the top of this 8-metre high palm tree and slide down at tremendous speed… Watch out for the surprise jolts!

La Jungle des Chikapas

An excursion on a boat along the river which crosses the tangled virgin forest and brings you in contact with a friendly and surprising tribe of 300 lively monkeys! This magnificent orchestration has been created by Jean-Claude Dehix, the designer of Christmas window displays for Parisian...

La Piste de l’Ouest

Young cowboys, the time has come to mount up and set off to conquer the West through the Indian lands, over a 260m ride!

La Rivière des Castors

All aboard the mini gondolas to set off downstream and watch out for surprises along the way.

La Rivière Sauvage

Let yourself be carried along in a huge barrel by the torrents of the wild river for a white-water experience!

Le Cycl’o Vent

Up and down you go again... It’s up to you, young amateur explorers, to outmanoeuvre the whims of the God of the winds in your 2-passenger microlight!...

Le Péroké

Are you a thrill seeker? Well then, fly away and circle the skies with these magnificent multi-coloured birds!

Le Pont Suspendu

Exploring the falls and the Asian scenery will make you realise that it's all about balance. On your way, stop off at the Chinese Pagoda!...

Le Siroko

An aerial voyage aboard pretty hot air balloons… Open your eyes wide for a breath-taking view over the dune!

Le Train des Sables

All aboard a legendary train to cross the famous La Mer de Sable dunes and discover our new mini-farm which has been set up at the trapper camp.